Quick Tool: Front Axle Inner Seal Driver
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Author: Jay Kopycinski July, 2002

Front striaght axle inner seal inside knuckle

When working on a straight axle Toyota, you may find yourself in need of replacing a front inner axle seal. When replacing a Birfield or just doing some front axle maintenance, you may need to press a new seal into your axle housing. I've used sockets and brass drifts to install these seals, but wanted something a little faster and easier to deal with.

The tool I came up with is simple and best of all....cheap. It is a length of 1 1/4" tube at least six inches long, and two scraps of 1 1/2" (.120" wall) and 1 3/4" (.120" wall) tube. The length of the larger diameter tubes pieces can be anything you want, or have on hand.

Simply tack weld the pieces over each other leaving about 1/4" of the smallest tube protruding from the other two tubes. Deburr as needed. The small tube fits inside the axle seal and the other tubes serve to push against the seal as you press it in the axle housing. This tool is so simple to use, just slip the seal on, align in the axle housing and tap to seat the seal. No more tapping around the edge with a drift or fumbling with a socket or other awkward tool.

Materials needed to make the seal driver Completed driver shown here...tack welded Seal fits right on the end of the driver


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