Toyota OEM Fog Light Switch Short Cuts

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By: Phil Roemer. March, 2002

The switch

If you are looking for an alternative switch for the new accessory you just bought or for your next modification on your truck, a Toyota OEM Fog Light switch is a good solution. The switch is easy to wire up and fits conveniently in the factory dash knockouts on most 4Runners, Tacomas and pickup trucks.

Toyota has 2 switches available, illuminated and non-illuminated. The illuminated switch, part number 00550-35976, has a round orange light (older stock had a rectangular light) to indicate the "On" position. The part number for the non-illuminated switch is PT297-89013-sw. You can get the switch at any Toyota dealer for around $9 - $12.

A snap to wire

Things to have handy:

Holding the switch with the indicator light at the top, you will see three prongs on the back of the switch. If you have the non-illuminated switch, looking at the front, the middle prong should be on the right. Now all you need to do is pop out the opening in the dash, bring the wires through and connect the wires to the correct prong as follows:

Front. Rear.

Using the female wire terminals makes the job simple. Just crimp the wire on one end and slide it onto the prong. You can secure it with electrical tape.

"On" position.

When you are done wiring it up, just push it into the dash opening.

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