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By: Phil Roemer. February, 2002

In 1999 Toyota introduced the 4Runner "Highlander", later known as the "Sport Package". In 2002 the model name changed to the "Sport Edition 4Runner", which included a factory hood scoop. The scoop added a tough, rugged look to the 4Runner and soon became the "envy" of many current owners. If you have "Hood Scoop Envy" and desire the look, the following information should be useful.

The Scoop

Ah, the profile. Undercover. Nice angle.

The Toyota Hood Scoop is a direct bolt-on replacement for the factory hood on 3rd Gen 4Runners, 1996-2002. The scoop is non-functional and is just for looks. Parts include a new hood with bulge and several parts to fill in the bulge opening of the hood to form the scoop. Parts come primed, ready to be installed and painted.

This hood is not a direct bolt-on for the 1995.5-2000 Toyota Tacoma. A couple of Tacoma owners have taken on the project which involved swapping most of the Tacoma sheet metal for the 4Runner front body panels. A couple of aftermarket companies do offer Tacoma hoods.

Parts can be purchased through your local Toyota Parts Department or an online Toyota Parts Dealer. Installation is a good weekend project for yourself and a friend or you can have a shop do it. It is recommended to have a reputable company do the painting. Prices for parts have been varying. Expect to pay $350-500 for parts and $150-300 for paint.

The Parts

Part Number
hood 53301-35050
hoodliner 53341-35031
screws (1) 90167-45005
nuts (4) 90179-06324
cushions (4) 90540-05028
rivets (2) 90269-04054
bulge 76181-35901
guide 76182-35020
protectors (4) 76183-12030
protectors (2) 76184-12020
protector 76185-35010
retainer 76187-35010
plate 76192-35010

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