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By: Randy Burleson - 03/2001

Minute Mod: Choker Chain Tricks

Photo by Randy Burleson
Hi-Lift jacks can be configured to clamp, in addition to their standard use as a lifting jack. A chain is just about the only way to reposition loads a little at a time when using the Hi-Lift as a winch. Hi-Lift displayed this setup at SEMA 2000.
Photo by Randy Burleson

A solid length of choker chain comes in handy almost every trip. Got a new club member along with no tow hooks -- and he's stuck? Wrap that chain around his crossmember and yank him out.

Photo by Dave Gray
Photo by Dave Gray
I sheared a spring center pin at Sierra Trek 2000, and buggered the threads in taking U-bolts off. Only one spare u-bolt was long enough, so out came the chain... a fix that lasted the rest of the trail.
Photos by Dave Gray

When winching a vehicle the hard way, with a Hi-Lift jack, using a length of chain allows intermediate repositioning of the jack. Ratchet the Hi-Lift out to its full length, use a clevis to rig the chain up, then crank the jack to the top, pulling the chain (and the load) toward the anchor. Double the chain back on itself, rig a second clevis, then loosen the load enough to free up the first length of chain, and repeat as needed. Be prepared for a workout!

Got a busted motor mount? A broken u-bolt? That same length of chain, when used with a long bolt, a nut, and a few heavy washers, can crimp down and provide substantial clamping power. Loop the chain around the parts that need clamped, and pass the bolt through two chain links to close the loop. Tightening the nut and drawing the chain links together tightens the loop -- and the chain wraps and conforms to spread the load over the circled parts.

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