Painless Wiring Cirkit Boss Auxiliary Fuse Block Short Cuts

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By: Phil Roemer - April 2001

Are you thinking about adding lights, CB, radar detector, GPS? Have you considered adding an auxiliary fuse block? This will provide dedicated circuits for new electronic accessories eliminating the chance of overloading your factory electrical system. It will also make wiring up all the accessories neat and safe. 

The contents: Hardware and Fuse Block.

The Painless Wiring Cirkit Boss Auxiliary Fuse Block (part 70207) provides electrical power sources without any additional strain on the factory electrical system. It has 7 fused circuits (4 ignition hot and 3 constant hot) which are rated at 20 amps. The kit comes complete with a relay, circuit breaker, wiring, installation hardware and a weather cover. All the circuits are pre-wired for easy hookup when the time comes to install accessories. I chose the weatherproof fuse block which assures it will be protected by the elements if it is mounted in the engine compartment. 


When positioning the fuse block make sure the hood will close.
Use a fuse in the factory block that only has power when the ignition is on.
The circuit breaker is screwed to the inner edge of the fender.


First step was to find a good place to mount the fuse block. There is not much room on the sides of the engine compartment so I chose to mount it on the driver's side of the firewall. The placement is right above the 2 grommets leading into the interior of the truck. Position the fuse block and mark the holes to be drilled. Self tapping screws are provided but pre-drilling helps, especially in tight spots. The kit comes with spacers but I did not use them, they are not necessary plus the screws provided are too short.



Using a test light, locate a fuse in the factory fuse box that only has power when the ignition is on. Route the 18-gauge pink wire from the Cirkit Boss fuse block to the fuse, cut it to length and attach the 1/4" push on terminal. A PA-7 adapter terminal is provided to connect the wire to the fuse. Remove the fuse. The directions state that the adapter should go on the hot terminal but I was not able to reinstall the fuse this way. Instead I slipped the PA-7 in the middle of the fuse so that it made a connection with the terminal. Connect the pink wire onto the PA-7 and reinstall the fuse.


The circuit breaker, which protects the sytem in conjunction with the block-mounted relay, is mounted on the inner edge of the fender wall in close proximity to the battery, minimizing the amount of wire needed to make the connection. The terminals are clearly marked for the wire connections. Route the 10 gauge red wire from the fuse block to the circuit breaker, cut it to length and attach it to the circuit breaker. Solderless terminals are provided for all connections. Cut and connect a section of the remaining red wire between the breaker and the positive battery terminal.



If you are not going to install any accessories right away, securely tie up the power wires and tuck them away where they will not interfere with anything. Make sure not to overload any of the circuits.

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