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Current Projects

Budget lift Budget lift - Part II: Putting Extended Shackles on a GenI Montero
After cranking the torsion bars, Ahren Cahoon was not happy with his truck's height - it sat higher in the front than in the back. After some research, he found out that he could use Toyota shackles to achieve his goal of levelling out the back.

Old Idler Project Frontend, Part III: Idler Arm Replacement
In the final chapter of Project Frontend, we replace the idler arm of our 89 Raider, and get rid of the excess play that has plagued this vehicle's steering from the beginning.

Beefier Bumper Beefier Bumper
Don Huysmans further improves his truck's ruggedness this month, as he builds his own custom, rock-bashing bumper for his 87 SWB. He even includes a blueprint, so you can DIY!

Frame Resto Montero Frame Restoration
So you've got a frame that is looking like its been floating in The Great Salt Lake? Or, it's just starting to get some serious Rust spots? Whatever your reason for looking into stabilizing the rust on your frame, here is how Terry Beever did it and what he learned not to do.

Project Front-End Budget Lift!
So you went ahead and cranked the torsion bars...Want to level out the rear end of your coil sprung SWB Montero, without springing a lot of $$? Read on, and discover how recycled parts from a newer montero can help breathe life into your old one!

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