Mounting Towers for Off-Road Lights
An easy mount for your Off-Road Lights Short Cuts
by: Randy L. Wheeler


Front shorty bumper with Warn Winch Plate
Light mounting tower
Close up view
Detail view

When I first bought my Jeep, it had the stock front bumper on it.  I really didn't like the overall length of the bumper, so I had it cut down into a "shorty" bumper so that the overall width of it was just slightly wider than the frame.  Prior to installing my new Warn XD9000i winch, mounting my KC Daylighters to the front bumper was no problem as there was plenty of room.  With the new Warn winch plate installed, the mounting holes for the lights got covered up.  I'm not a big fan of mounting lights to the windshield frame or on the front fender flares, so I needed an alternative location.  Since my bumper is shorter than stock, I didn't have the option of mounting the lights farther out on the bumper.  The solution?  Homemade light mounting towers.

The only place that I found to mount the lights was right on top of the tow hooks.  Using a piece of 2x2 square stock, cut each piece to a length of approximately 4 1/2 inches.  A cut-off wheel on an angle grinder worked well to make these cuts.  To allow for the mounting tower to clear the tow hook and the mounting bolt to clear the light tower, cut off about 1-in from each end, but not all the way through.  Leave the bottom "plate" as the mounting surface.

Using the tow hook holes as a template, mark and drill the holes for the mounting bolts.  Measure and mark the center of the mounting tower for the bolt for the light and drill.  Using the angle grinder and a grinding wheel, smooth all the rough edges and paint each tower.  I found it easier to mount the light on the tower prior to mounting the tower on the bumper.  Once installed on the bumper, align the lights and tighten the bolts.

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