Serious Metal Fab Tire Carrier
Serious Metal Fab Tire Carrier Short Cuts

By: Greg Colburn-08/2003

Bolt the bumper on using the eight factory bolt locations.
For stability, bolt the bumper through the bottom side of the cross-member.
The quality and workmanship is apparent right down to the D-ring mounts
The 1/4" tig welded frame is as strong as they come.

In the last few months, I have upgraded the drivetrain in my Jeep to handle larger tires. I have been carrying my spare tire in the rear of my Jeep for some time now, which not only required the removal of my back seat, it greatly limited my cargo capacity. My 33" spare fit nicely between the rear fender wells, but a 37" is going to be a totally different story. I knew I wanted a carrier that did not attach to the body in any way, came with a rear receiver and D-ring mounts, and allowed for storage of my Hi-Lift Jack.

After extensive research, I was excited to find a manufacturer local to me that had exactly what I was looking for in a carrier at a price that could not be beat. I gave Clint Mallick, owner of Serious Metal Fabrication in Vancouver, B.C. a call. Through my research, I found most carrier manufacturers price the bumper separate than the carrier, while offering a jack mount for an additional cost to the carrier. When you order a carrier from Serious Metal Fabrication, whether it be for a CJ,YJ, or TJ you get the rear bumper w/receiver, tire carrier lugged for your wheel pattern, and an integrated Hi-Lift mount - all for under $600 USD.

SMF's rear bumper is stout, capable of standing up to most anything. It comes powder-coated black, and is made from laser-cut & formed 1/4" steel and measures in at 60" wide. The design of the bumper gives you excellent rear clearance and corner protection. The bumper comes standard with a 2" receiver hitch and beefy shackle tabs for anchoring D-Rings. The bumper bolts to the rear cross-member with the eight factory bolt holes, and two that mount underneath the cross-member through the bottom side of the bumper.

SMF's tire carrier comes mounted directly to the rear bumper using a spindle mount and like the bumper, is made entirely out of 1/4" steel. SMF utilizes both a rubber swing stopper and a UHMW striker pad to eliminate rattles when the tire carrier is closed. Pushing the carrier shut brings it solidly against the stop, allowing the latch to firmly engage in to the bumper.

Installation takes all of about 20 minutes with simple hand tools. First, remove the "bumperettes" (if equipped), hold the bumper up to the stock mounting holes and start a bolt on each side of the bumper that will hold it while you thread the remainder of them. With the ten bolts now holding the bumper securely on, screw on the UHMW striker pad on to the lower portion of the contact beam and you are done.

After the installation I had to leave town for a weekend of wheeling and driving down old FS roads, I've got say, I have not heard one squeak out of the tire carrier. When you first see the carrier, it screams beefy, from the quality of the welds and powder coating, to the solid swing arm and rattle free design, this is definitely a perfect addition to any Jeep.

The operation of the carrier is incredibly smooth, with or without a tire. The Hi-Lift mounts to the carrier using 1/2 lug bolts, so only one wrench is needed to remove the tire & jack. With the jack mounted, all that is left is to mount the tire. The final result: A very well designed and built carrier that will stand up to anything you throw at it.

  • Serious Metal Fabrication
    Dept. ORN
    290 Mansfield Place
    North Vancouver, B.C. V7J1E4
    Phone: (604) 988-7761

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