Quick-Disconnect License Plate
Turn Your Roller Fairlead into a License Plate Holder Short Cuts
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By: Randy Burleson - 8/2000

Make an Easily-Removable Front License Plate Bracket

Photo by Randy Burleson
Photo by Randy Burleson
Jim's JEEP-IT license plate is well-worn from the rocks, even though he could theoretically remove it whenever he wants to.
Photo by Jim Williams
Photo by Jim Williams
These plastic Mag-light clamps look like they were made for this application.

On a recent Rubicon trip, I met Jim Williams and his green CJ-7. This is a slick rig, sporting, among other things, a well-engineered Chevy powerplant, but the slickest, trickest tweak rides out front... a quick-release license plate.

This is a timely concern, since more and more states are starting to enforce a front plate requirement. If drivers have a front plate, the cameras can catch the driver's face and plate at the same time... and soon thereafter, the driver gets a nice love letter from the local constabulary... with a bill enclosed.

Jim bought a set of Mag-Light clips (stocked just about anywhere you can buy a Mag-Light) and snapped them onto his roller fairlead. After a few quick measurements, he drilled his license plate and screwed the Mag-Light clips to the backside of the license plate. The result is an easily-detached front plate.

If Jim needs to winch, he snaps the plate off. When finished winching, the license plate snaps back on. What could be easier?

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