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Man's Best Friend Makes A Great Off-Road Companion


Having a dog entails a certain amount of responsibility, of course. They require regular feeding and exercise, and therefore are an obligation. Because of this commitment, owners tend to leave their pets at home when they head out for a drive. Sadly, some people forgo the off-road experience because they are unable to find anyone to dog sit. That’s too bad.

We need to rethink this issue of bringing dogs along. A dog can bring so much to an outing that after the first off-road excursion, you’ll wonder why you don’t bring him along each time. With the right kind of preparation, your pet can add immeasurably to your experience outdoors.

You already spend quite a bit of time preparing for your trip. Accounting for a pet involves just a few extra steps and moments. Don’t let those stop you from enjoying a complete weekend.

First and foremost is care and safety of your dog. Pack sufficient food and a lot of water. If you will be driving more than an hour or so before going off-road, schedule a potty break for the pooch (maybe for yourself, as well). Consider weather conditions of your location. The desert gets blazing hot during the day, and the mountains can get very cold and snowy. Make sure your dog is kept out of the extremes.

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