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KETCHUM, ID - The Sawtooth National Forest is closing one Trail Bridge and one road on the Sawtooth National Recreation Area for public safety. This will be in effect until November 30, 2017 or rescinded by the Sawtooth National Forest Supervisor.

  • The segment of National Forest System (NFS) Trail #045 (Grand Mogul Trail) closed to all public entry is described as the Trail bridge over Redfish Lake Creek approximately 180 yards upstream from Redfish Lake, T 9N, R 13E, NE ¼ Section 20. 

The Grand Mogul Trail Bridge, as described above, must be closed to all use to protect human health and safety due to damage sustained by heavy snow fall and high water.  

  • The segment of National Forest System (NFS) Road #197 (Pole Creek Road) closed to all public motorized entry is described as approximately 960 yards in length, beginning at a point approximately 3.25 miles east and north from State Highway 75 and .9 miles east of its junction with Valley Road #194, located at Township 7N, Range 15E, NE ¼ Section 30.

The Pole Creek Road, as described above is impassable and must be closed to all motorized vehicles to protect human health and safety due to an unsolidified Road base with deep mud.

The described roads and trails are within the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Sawtooth National Forest, Custer County, Idaho. Boise Meridian.

  • Road Closure for NFS Road #653 – Stanley Creek has been rescinded by the Sawtooth National Forest Supervisor.

We would like to remind the public to be cautious when visiting the Sawtooth National Forest.  We have had above average snowfall this past winter and roads are snow covered and muddy.  Forest managers are patrolling roads and trails and assessing damage.  As roads and trails open we will post that information on the Sawtooth National Forest Facebook Page.

For specific information, please refer to closure orders and maps for specific information on the Sawtooth National Forest alerts and notices webpage:  https://fs,

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