Club Clean-up Challenge Nets Donation to BRC

Sonora Posse 4x4 club wins 3rd annual Rock Zombie Club Clean-up Challenge - Proceeds from clandestine competition donated to the Blue Ribbon Coalition

(Nov 29, 2010) - For the past three years, the Nor Cal Rock Zombies 4x4 club has held clandestine, invite only, “Clean-up Challenges” at undisclosed locations. Inviting some of the most hardcore 4x4 clubs in Northern California and Nevada, the Rock Zombies have combined two of their passions; hard-core four wheeling and land-use. The competition involves the invited clubs competing with each other behind the wheel in a rock crawl challenge, and then finishing up by holding a clean-up at the same location. Each year the location is kept secret to deter crowds of spectators.

The 2010 Club challenge participants included extreme 4x4 clubs such as the Pirates of the Rubicon, The Rock Gods, the Nor Cal Night Crawlers, the Sonora Posse, the CWB, and the Nor Cal Rock Zombies.  Each club had five vehicles crawling through a timed course, with the fastest time winning. In keeping with the theme of the event, trail awareness is practiced throughout the competition insuring that competitors stay on designated trails and that no environmental damage is done by any competitors, or spectators. After the competition portion, all clubs then proceed to clean-up the entire area of all waste left by others, leaving it cleaner than they had found it. All participants were given custom printed event “Feed bags” to hang as garbage bags of the back of their vehicles, as well as event T-shirts.

Rock Zombie founding member Rob Cook explains, “This competition has become so successful, that 4x4 clubs have formed just to participate in it. It is our clubs goal is to show that our sport, our lifestyle, is not as harmful to the environment as most people are led to believe.”

This year the Sonora Posse won the challenge, and $600 will be donated to the Blue Ribbon Coalition in their name.

The Nor Cal Rock Zombies ( are one of the most extreme 4x4 clubs in Northern California. Members of the California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs, the Rock Zombies have held many fund raisers for land-use, raising literally thousands of dollars for various pro-access organizations.

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