Toyota Tech: Driveshaft CV Modification for Increased Angle

Toyota Double Cardan CV JointsToyota drive shaft CV joints, also known as "double cardan" joints, come in several different varieties. The ones in the front of straight axle (pre-'86) Toy's came from the factory with a max operating angle of about 35 degrees. The '84 and '85 versions are especially sought-after since they will bolt right up to later model trucks and the pre-'84's use smaller, weaker bolts.

The joints that come in the front of IFS Toy's can usually only go to about 25 degrees or less in stock form, and the ones that came in two-piece rear drive shafts are similar.  The max angle of these later joints isn't enough for use in the front of a lifted, flexy, straight-axle rig without damaging the joint (pushing it past its max angle), but it can be modified to achieve the higher angles. And since IFS CV's are generally cheaper and easier to come by, this is modification is fairly common. Some drive line shops like High Angle Driveline can modify your joint for you, or you can do it yourself.

All that needs to be done to the joint is some minor clearance (grinding) inside, but to do that you have to disassemble the joint-- and that can be the tricky part. This article shows the method I use to get the joint apart, and where and how to clearance it for more angle.

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