Off-Roaders Going Soft?-LiftTrax-A New Approach to Off-Road Recovery

New off-road product LiftTrax taking the 4x4 world by storm

(Sept 7, 2010).  LiftTrax, a new off-road recovery device is making waves in the world of off-roading as it brings an entirely different approach to 4x4 recovery and mobility.

Vastly different to previous products, LiftTrax is literally an air mat that you can drive onto to navigate obstacles. Its flexible outer shell is also covered in rubber grips which give traction in sand, mud or rocks. Surprisingly, it has no heavy metal parts or long obtrusive plastic boards and yet can support massive weight. This ingenious device rolls out of a small carrying bag and inflates to become mobile traction. It’s flexibility also makes it multifunctional, doing the job of several other bulky devices in one. LiftTrax mold themselves to the shape or texture of the different terrain or obstacle you need to overcome.

Invented by 4x4 Enthusiasts Dan Hermann and Eyal Benjamin who are both engineers by trade, LiftTrax can take the weight of an 8800lb (4 ton) vehicle and then roll up into a small carry bag.

“At the beginning, the hardest thing was convincing people that a compact, light product could lift huge rigs and do the job of several different heavy duty devices. Us off-roaders tend to think “brawn no brain” but LiftTrax make a lot more sense. We now sell them in countries I’ve never even been to!” says Benjamin. LiftTrax, which is known in some countries as Pillowtrack, was launched just under two years ago and is already selling across four continents with distributors from the United States and Australia to Europe and The Middle East.

Another distinct advantage of LiftTrax is that they don’t just provide stuck vehicles with traction, they simultaneously lift the vehicle as well. Boasting twice the bursting pressure of the commonly known exhaust jack , LiftTrax raise the beached vehicle up and allow it to drive away.

LiftTrax’s compactness has also made them the tool of choice for “Occasional Off-Roaders” who don’t want to invest in vehicle modification or expensive recovery tools but do want an insurance policy against getting stuck. “We originally intended it for 4x4 enthusiasts like ourselves but we’ve found it’s become popular with a lot of other outdoor types as well such as hunters and anglers” says Hermann. Lifttrax 4x4 Recovery

LiftTrax are usually sold in pairs and are available from reputable outdoor equipment stores or online at:

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