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New GiSTEQ Explorer Announced

New product designed to make group outdoor excursions more enjoyable.

Brea, California, (August 21, 2008) – Once again the creators at GiSTEQ have focused on making a product that helps not only the experienced adventurers, but the novices as well. This new product can be found on their website: http://www.gisteq.com/Explorer.php.

The GiSTEQ Explorer is designed to be everything the avid adventurers will ever need in electronics. The GiSTEQ explorer has four main functions. Its first is to allow for live communication within a group while it is connected to your FRM/GMRS 2-way radio, and the PTT speaker microphone allows you to be hands free from your radio when talking with your group. It also functions as a GPS tracker and has waypoint navigation as well. It has many different functions, all in one rugged and lightweight unit, making it a very versatile piece of equipment for any outdoor lover to take with them.

“We wanted to create a unit that would come in extremely handy for those people who love the outdoors. Like our popular PhotoTrackr, this unit is lightweight and easy to use, but is built to withstand the adventures of your average hiker or outdoorsman.” Says Eric Liu, president of GiSTEQ Corp.

The GiSTEQ Explorer is a unique device that has many functions that even the casual hiker or hunter would find appealing, including the built-in compass, the easy-to-read thermometer, and the bright LCD display, which makes it easy to see and use even in low light conditions. Aside from keeping in touch with your hiking or hunting team, you can also use the GiSTEQ Explorer’s GPS Tracker, allowing you to record your trips and save your waypoints, making it easier to navigate your way through the wilderness no matter how far you may roam.

When you connect the GiSTEQ Explorer to an FRM/GMRS 2-way radio, it becomes a very useful tool for people who are walking along in a group. You can easily send real time locations or text message to another friend with the unit, allowing you to know exactly where everybody is at all times, ensuring that no one gets lost. It is also good to note that the live communication feature on the GiSTEQ Explorer does not depend on cellular coverage, allowing you to use it even if the cell coverage where you’re at is spotty.

GiSTEQ has high hopes for this versatile unit, which is destined to change the way groups of hikers travel, making it easier for everyone to stay in touch.

For more information about the new GiSTEQ Explorer, visit: http://www.gisteq.com/Explorer.php