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New Locking Gun Racks Introduced

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Firearm Security Racks Inc. Introduces Two New Products to It's Line of Locking Gun Racks

Inventor Adds Two New Products to His Patented Line of Wall Mounted Locking Gun Racks to Deter Gun Theft, Help Protect Children and Limit Personal Liability From Unsecured Guns in Homes, etc.

Tyler, TX (PRWEB) August 23, 2008 -- Firearm Security Racks Inc. maker of the 'Gun-Cuff' wall mounted locking gun racks (http://gunracks.tylerrose.com) has developed two new types of affordable locking gun racks designed to deter gun theft, protect children and limit personal liability from having loosely stored firearms in homes, etc.

According to the FBI, a home burglary occurs somewhere in the United States every 15.4 seconds. Statistics show that 150,000 guns are stolen each year in house burglaries and approximately 500 children die each year from unintentional gunshot wounds according to the Centers for Disease Control and the Census Bureau.
Don Graham-inventor of the 'Gun Cuff' patented wall mounted locking gun racks, has added two new products to his line of locking gun racks in an effort to protect guns from being stolen and to protect children from unsecured guns that are normally stored loosely under beds or in home closets etc.    

In 1996, Mr. Graham was fortunate to be issued a patent as well as the trademark 'Gun Cuff' on two types of wall mounted locking gun racks, one that will hold up to 9 rifles and shotguns ($79.95) and a handgun rack that will hold up to 3 pistols of various sizes ($49.95). Recently he has added two more types of gun racks to his product line.

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RoadLoK Security Introduces New Locking System

RoadLoK Arachnid M1 by Beringer - Installed

RoadLoK Security has again proven that motorcycle security and performance go hand-in-hand with the new RoadLoK Arachnid M1 by Beringer!

Orange County, NY (PRWEB) August 22, 2008 -- The all-new RoadLoK® Arachnid® M1 manufactured by French friction specialists, Beringer®, is the world's first high-performance caliper and locking system compatible with all radial-caliper-equipped motorcycles. Beringer has successfully incorporated RoadLoK Security's patent-pending locking technology into their high-performance radial-mount caliper to produce a sleek and stylish solution to motorcycle theft.

RoadLoK Arachnid M1 by Beringer - Installed

Beringer has been manufacturing brakes for racing application for more than 15 years boasting unequaled performance and superior quality. Because Beringer manufactures calipers and rotors for both street and race applications--with no performance differences between the two--the rider gets a 16% reduction in unsprung weight on the front axle and 20% greater stopping ability over stock--not to mention, unequaled security that only the RoadLoK system can offer.

The new Arachnid M1 features a removable BrakeBolt™ locking pin and ABLOY® EXEC lock mechanism. The system is integrated into a powerful Beringer Aerotec® 4-piston, radial-mount brake caliper; the Arachnid M1 is compatible with any motorcycle using 108mm radial-mount front brake calipers. RoadLoK Security's "universal-fit" approach marks a company-first: this is a new locking system vaunting coverage for all Japanese sport bikes outfitted with 108mm radial calipers produced back to the 2003 model year! The new M1 is even compatible with several European motorbikes using the same popular radial-mount offset.

The new Arachnid M1 system is currently available through RoadLoK Security and Beringer. The M1 is available in a wide range of anodized colors including black, blue, gold, silver, purple, titanium and eye-catching red. All systems come complete with a matching Beringer Aerotec 4-piston radial-mount caliper. Kit pricing starts at $1999.99 (USD) for a complete billet braking package!

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A Pace Edwards Bedlocker or JackRabbit retractable truck bed cover is an efficient and attractive way to protect your valuables—and now Pace Edwards offers its Explorer Series rails to further enhance functionality. Easily installed using Pace Edwards’ SpeedClamp system, Explorer Series rails allow the mounting of a Utility Rig Rack, Contractor Rig Rack or MultiSport rack system to make it easy to carry toys or other gear above the cover. Made from black powder coated extruded aluminum, the Explorer Series rails feature keyhole-shaped channels to instantly secure the rack mounts in any position. Pace Edwards, (888) 640 5902; www.pace-edwards.com


Pace Edwards has been the industry leader in premium retractable truck bed covers for more than 20 years. Located in Centralia, Washington, Pace Edwards covers are known for their innovative designs, quality construction and true functionality. Part of the Truck Accessories Group, Pace Edwards is a SEMA and NTEA member and proudly manufactures its products in the U.S.A.

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Easy Access, Capacity and Security Combine in New Rainier Bike Rack

StowAway2 Rainier Bike Rack

StowAway2 Cargo Carriers is proud to announce the release of its new Rainier Bike Rack. The Rainier is a hitch mounted bike rack that lets you have it all: easy access to the rear of your vehicle, a cargo rack for your extra gear, and premium security features.

Portland, OR (PRWEB) September 14, 2008 -- StowAway2 Cargo Carriers is proud to announce the release of its new Rainier Bike Rack. "The Rainier incorporates everything that our customers have been telling us they want in a full-function bike rack - not just a place for their bikes but also room for their bike gear," said StowAway2 President Jim Stewart. "The Rainier lets you have it all: easy access to the rear of your vehicle, a place for your extra gear, and the security features that you expect from a premium bike rack."

The Rainier mounts on all Class III/IV 2The Rainier stands above the pack thanks to its versatility. StowAway2's patented and rugged swingaway frame enables the Rainier to swing out for clear access to the rear of your vehicle -- even when the bike rack and cargo basket are fully loaded. The frame pivots a full 180 degrees for total clearance on both liftgates and van doors. Best of all, the racks are interchangeable: the bike post can be removed for those trips where the bikes don't come along and the cargo rack can be removed if you only need to bring the bikes.

Like its name suggests, the Rainier offers ample room for all your bike helmets, tools and other gear. Its cargo rack measures 53" x 25" x 5" and it can carry up to 200 pounds (bikes and gear). The Rainier mounts on all Class III/IV 2" hitch receivers, making it the perfect addition for most SUVs, minivans, trucks and RVs.

The Rainier wouldn't be complete without all the extra touches that you expect from a high-end bike rack. "We've added a keyed-alike security cable and hitch lock to prevent theft and included our popular Hitch-Coupling Tightener to eliminate hitch wobble," said Stewart. "With these additions, we think the Rainier is the most functional, versatile and secure bike rack available today."

The StowAway2 Rainier Bike Rack is priced at $499.00 and is available from StowAway2.com and several online retailers, including FastTrackRacks.com. To view an online image gallery of the StowAway2 Rainier, go to: StowAway2 Rainier Showroom

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PU-Products Qwik Rax System

PU‐Products, LLC  is pleased to announce our newest product:  THE QWIK RAX SYSTEM   

Designed specifically to hold our exclusive 5‐gallon, 2 handled utility jug securely in a variety of mounting applications and not to forget Jerry Cans, Coolers, Bikes! 

The QWIK RAX JUG HOLDER holds the jug in place by utilizing the indented ribs of the utility jug. Made of 1 inch, formed steel tubing and powder coated in black, the QWIK RAX features several 5/16 inch holes on three sides and the bottom so that it can be mounted almost anywhere and in any direction. For example, on a tailgate, truck bed, outside or inside an off‐road vehicle and more.

Two or more QWIK RAX can be mounted next to each other to create a ‘bank’ of jugs! A locking steel handle secures the jug and the variety of slots and holes, will allow you to use stretch straps, such as our ROK™Straps.

The QWIK RAX can also be paired with our Spare Back Board Strap-on. Mounts quickly in under 3 minutes over your spare tire on most all vehicles. Allowing you to carry your cooler and extra jug easily and securely on the back of your Jeep, F.J., Suzuki, Hummer and other vehicles.

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