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KENT, WA, April 01, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Torklift International, creator of the original Stableload for Ford and Dodge trucks, is pleased to announce the release of its Chevy/GMC rendition of the popular suspension accessory.

"The Chevy/GMC Stableload has skyrocketed into the top 10 on our bestseller list in the month since it's debut. This is a product that has appealed to everyone moving a heavy load." says Jay Taylor, General Manager for the Kent-based company. "With the Chevy/GMC version of the Stableload, Torklift has really taken suspension apparatus engagement to the next level."

The new Chevy/GMC Stableload (specs and image available at http://www.torklift.com) improves on Torklift's earlier Ford/Dodge Stableload by adding two further directions of adjustability. The Chevy/GMC Stableload is adjustable side to side as well as front to back for a more accurate leveling of the load. This unique four-way adjustability allows the user to keep the vehicle level in all directions. The Chevy/GMC Stableload is designed to work with or without aftermarket airbag overloads. Unlike airbags, the Chevy/GMC Stableload does not increase the vehicle's load capacity. Rather, the Stableload significantly improves handling characteristics by taking the energy incorporated in the suspension apparatus and activating it sooner. Essentially, it engages the factory overload springs sooner in order to provide a more safe and secure ride. In addition to reducing sway, body roll, and bucking (often associated with the loss of control leading to accidents), the Chevy/GMC Stableload keeps the vehicle level. A level vehicle has the additional benefit of improved breaking and reduced stopping distance, maintaining correct front-end alignment.

Stableload installation is designed to be quick and easy, taking roughly 30 minutes to set up all four units on a truck. It's priced about a third of the cost of other overload and suspension upgrade products, making it a cost-effective leveling option. Like all other Torklift products, the Chevy/GMC Stableload will be produced at the company's headquarters in Kent, WA but should be available anywhere in the US or Canada within 48 hours of ordering. The product number is A7300 and prices start at $173.25. All in all, the Chevy/GMC Stableload offers consumers who are hauling or towing heavier loads peace of mind and a safer ride.

For more information contact Jessie May at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 1-800-246-8132 ext. 12.

About Torklift International

Headquartered in Kent, Washington, Torklift International is the market leader in the United States for high-end aftermarket accessories such as hitches, suspension accessories, turnbuckles, wiring harnesses, and tie downs. All of their products are 100% made in Kent, WA utilizing materials made in the United States. Their full line of products, including the new Chevy/GMC Stableload is available for review at http://www.torklift.com.

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4 Wheel Parts Introduces a New Line of Extang Tonneau Covers for Pickup Trucks

Tonneau covers can be a priceless asset to have for a truck and 4 Wheel Parts wants to make sure everyone can get the tonneau cover that is perfect for them. By adding a new line of Extang Tonneau covers to our inventory, 4 Wheel Parts offers a variety that is unparalleled so everyone is guaranteed to find the best one for his or her truck bed.

Compton, CA (PRWEB) March 20, 2009 -- 4 Wheel Parts, the nation's largest distributor of off road parts and accessories for trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs, announces the launch of a new line of quality tonneau covers by Extang. An Extang tonneau cover offers a number of benefits including up to 10% increased gas mileage, weather resistance for all climates, and a quick no-drill installation.

If someone has been looking for a tonneau cover for a truck, they can't go wrong with Extang. With such a wide variety, there's sure to be one for every type of application. The off-roader on-the-go can benefit from any one of Extang's roll-up tonneau covers, which provide quick and easy access to the truck bed. There's no time wasted unfastening or securing. Instead, this tonneau cover allows the owner to get in, get their cargo, and get on with their life.

Or maybe someone carries larger cargo in their truck bed and needs the option of transporting objects that are too big to go underneath the tonneau cover. In that case, an Extang folding tonneau cover is the perfect fit. These truck bed covers are divided into multiple panels that fold up to rest against the cab, providing the owner with full access to the truck bed. This makes it so much easier, allowing for transportation of large cargo without having to remove the tonneau cover. When the job is done, just fold it back down to protect any remaining cargo in the truck bed.

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Light and Bright is Best for Road Safety

Light and brightly coloured cars are more likely to help you to be seen on the roads according to new research by NRMA Insurance.

Sydney, NSW December 5, 2008 -- Light and brightly coloured cars are more likely to help you to be seen on the roads according to new research by NRMA Insurance.

The results show that light and brightly coloured cars such as white, yellow, beige and red are involved in around 10 per cent fewer crashes than dark coloured cars such as black, green and blue.*

NRMA Insurance spokesperson Adam Macbeth said the car insurance research indicates that lightly coloured cars are more visible and potentially a safer option for car buyers.

"We also found that the average cost of repairs for light coloured cars is less than dark coloured cars, which may suggest they may be involved in less severe accidents," he said.

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Energy absorbing hitch cover introduced

Mohr Bumper Shield

Go Ahead - Bump This! Mohr Manufacturing Introduces A Crash Tested, Energy Absorbing, Portable Receiver Hitch Cover And Bumper Shield / Skid Plate.

The two most frequent vehicle accidents are getting hit while parked and the rear end collision.  This crash tested, energy absorbing hitch cover not only covers your ugly receiver hitch, it works as a bumper shield for rear mounted 2” receiver hitches and doubles as a skid plate and bumper shield for front mounted receiver hitches.

Its 12” wide by 6” high only sticks out 4” beyond your receiver hitch (in the full compression mode), crushes 2” when hit, won’t interfere with most vehicles equipped with backup alarms and can be used in the down position (shown) to protect against under-ride on full size pickup trucks or SUVs or flipped around to protect against over-ride on small size SUVs.  

It has a duel compression system so it can be pinned out for maximum protection or pinned in closer (still energy absorbing) for approach angle clearance during off-road use, tight garage spaces or to avoid being detected by backup alarms.  Simply arrange the rubber bumpers / spacers and pin it where you want.   

Because it’s energy absorbing it won’t transfer all the crash energy from a rear end collision directly to the occupants, will keep your receiver hitch from bending when hit from the rear (unlike all other static receiver hitch products – including your ball mount), keeps Braille parallel parkers from wrecking your bumper, reduces whiplash if hit hard enough and has a lifetime crash warranty (like all of our other products) – if it bends or breaks from a rear end collision, at any speed, it will be replaced absolutely FREE.   

For more information contact:  Jeff Mohr, Mohr Mfg, 1319 Larc Industrial Blvd, Burnsville, MN, 55337, 952-882-8800, 800-852-6752, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or log on to the web sites:  http://www.superbumper.com or http://www.sparebumper.com.

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Mohr Mfg specializes in protective, safety receiver hitch products and they are experts in rear end collisions. The company makes portable, crash tested, energy absorbing, spare safety bumpers that prevent rear end collision damage caused by Tailgaters, Uninsured Motorists, Bumper To Bumper Traffic, Distracted Drivers, Inattentive Cell Phone Users, Drivers With Poor Judgment, Text Messengers And Lousy-Stinking Parallel Parkers.

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OnStar Launches Stolen Vehicle Slowdown®

New technology will assist public safety officials in OnStar stolen vehicle cases, help save lives

DETROIT – General Motors (GM) and OnStar today launched Stolen Vehicle Slowdown on more than 1 million model year 2009 GM vehicles in the U.S. and Canada. Stolen Vehicle Slowdown is the latest enhancement to OnStar’s Stolen Vehicle Assistance service and enables OnStar to further help law enforcement in the recovery of subscribers’ stolen vehicles, while helping to reduce fatalities and injuries resulting from police chases. Working with law enforcement and utilizing its unique built-in technology, OnStar can remotely send a signal that interacts with the vehicle’s engine, gradually slowing it down, aiding in a safe recovery.

“No other automaker provides its’ customers the peace of mind that OnStar Stolen Vehicle Slowdown does,” said Chet Huber, OnStar president. “Our subscribers have told us they don’t want their vehicle to be the instrument of harm.”

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show 30,000 police chases occur each year, resulting in approximately 300 deaths. Stolen Vehicle Slowdown will help take high speed pursuits out of the equation, as well as the probability that a subscriber’s stolen vehicle will be crashed during a chase.

“Prior to Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, there were only three ways to stop a police chase; the officer elects to terminate the chase, the vehicle being pursued decides to stop or in the worse case scenario there is a crash,” said David Hiller, national vice president, Fraternal Order of Police. “With OnStar Stolen Vehicle Slowdown we now have an additional and obviously far safer method. We congratulate GM and OnStar for working with law enforcement as they developed this product.”

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