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Eastern W.E. Rock Series Opener Hits the Rocks This Weekend

“The unique part of this course is it is a combination of natural terrain with man made obstacles,” said Rich Klein, W.E. Rock Promoter.  “The traction differences between the two offer a huge challenge for the teams, they can’t really dial in their rig for one or the other.” The biggest obstacle of this event will be the Hands Climb, which is a 20ft vertical wall that the driver has to climb starting out of a bowl with no running start.  Rausch Creek Owner Bruce Shallis commented, “Shannon Campbell is the only driver to ever make the climb, but even he was penalized for hitting a cone.”  As if the difference in traction and huge climbs wasn’t enough of a challenge, drivers may also face the Pennsylvania scattered rain showers, which can quickly change the course and slickness of the rock.

The 2009 season had some exciting competition that is sure to heat up again in 2010, pushing drivers to do insane maneuvers that you never thought was possible.  Unlimited Champion Carl Shortridge will be back in his Trail Gear buggy to defend his 2009 win against Alex Vonn and father and son competitors Bill and Chicky Barton.

Fighting it out in the Pro Modified Class will be East Coast seasoned W.E Rock vet Ken Blume against Derek West who placed 2nd in last years series, and has a recent win at the Rausch Creek King of the Hammers Qualifier just weeks earlier.  Maxxis driver Danny Rohrer will also be putting tread down to get to the finishers podium.

In the Modified Stock Class, 2007 and 2008 defending champion Kurt Shramovich, who did not run last years series, will be back this year to try and take back the championship from 2009 champion Jon Terhune.  Ricky Artes is sure to be right in the mix of all the action.

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John Stewart

FOA Shocks Rise to be King of the Hammers Official Shock Absorber

"We think King of the Hammers is the ideal series to step up our involvement in rock racing and the rock crawling sport in general." stated FOA leader Chris Farrell. "Our customer base is primarily the rock/Jeep crowd and with our knowledge of off-road racing, we couldn't ask for a better fit. We are honored to be a part of the King of the Hammers family and look forward to growing with them."

FOA Shocks will use their race entry to host well known driver Jeff Mello and his FOA shock outfitted rig.  Mello started on the pole position in the 2009 Griffin King of the Hammers but “not having good suspension was defiantly a contributor to the demise of last years race.  I cannot think of a any single piece of equipment that would make a greater difference to this teams performance,” said Jeff Mello.  “We have been looking forward all year to go to the King of the Hammers with some good shocks under us and can’t be happier to be hooked up with the Official Shock FOA.”

FOA Shock Absorbers is based in Las Vegas NV. and specializes in a full line of off-road racing shocks and bumpstops from 2.0 remote reservoir models, to large 2.5 coilovers and 2.5 to 3.5 bypasses shocks for the serious competitor. Using a combination of proprietary design and American ingenuity, FOA Shocks offer quality products at a substantial savings over their competition.

For More Information on FOA Shocks go to:  www.F-O-A.com

Hammerking Productions, Inc. created the “King of the Hammers” off-road race in 2007 (www.kingofthehammers.com) and released its first full-length film in 2008.  The 2010 Griffin King of the Hammers will be held on Friday February 12th, 2010 where over 15,000 drivers and fans from around the globe will descend on the desert of Johnson Valley for over a week of off-road related activities.  The 2009 running of the King of the Hammers was featured on Spike TV and in the film “Second Crusade.”  In 2009, Hammerking expanded race action to include three additional regional qualifiers for the 2010 race.  More information can be found at www.kingofthehammers.com.


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John Stewart

CalROCS Boasts Most Spectator Friendly Natural Course at Season Opener

Each competitor ran four separate courses per day, where there was definitely no shortage of carnage and rollovers.  In the Super Mod class Dustin Emick beat out Derek Trent at the last cone of the last course by pulling off a wild 20 foot drop bonus line for an 8-point lead to win the event.

The Unlimited class winner Brent Bradshaw “pulled the craziest line out there and did the most amazing 25 foot drop at an 85 degree angle that we have seen in years,” announced Bonner. “With a large ditch at the bottom he couldn’t gas it out and bounced all over the place before he was able to recover successfully.”  BJ Imlach had a great run on Sunday trying to catch Bradshaw, but couldn’t quite catch him finishing second.

The Pro Mod class had the most competition, but it was a neck-to-neck battle between Jessie Haines and Jon Hall.  Hall had a spectacular roll on day 2…up-righted it…and finished the course with only 2 seconds left to complete the course and stay in the race. In the end, Haines took the win by 3 points.

In the Full Body class, Jim Brown held a 1-point lead over 2009 reigning champion Mike Boone at the end of the day Saturday.  Brown maintained the lead on Sunday but Bill Rowlette snuck into take the second place spot putting Boone in third.  The Stock class was a little lopsided with Dan Patterson winning 1st place by 129 points over the 2nd place finisher, Brian Bennett. Chaz Merritt took 3rd place in his first ever rock crawling event.

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John Stewart

Eastern W.E. Rock Series Drivers Tackle the Bonus Lines

Rausch Creek offers a different type of course combined of natural and man made terrain that includes a 20 foot vertical climb called the “Hands Climb.”  The weather also always plays a role in this event, “the most challenging part of this competition came on day 2 when the weather turned cold and the rain came out,” said Rich Klein, W.E. Rock Promoter.  “The track changes drastically when you are rock crawling in the rain.”

There was plenty to talk about in the competition zone.  Carl Shortridge backed up his 2009 East Coast class win by placing 1st over Allen Woodson, who came back after a year off the series.  Long time western series runner Hal Frost took 3rd place in his first ever eastern event.

In the Pro Modified class, Ken Blume found himself with such a huge lead going into the shootout on Sunday that he didn’t have to compete, but decided to attempt some of the undeniably hard bonus lines and maintained the lead for the 1st place finish.  Mike Thompson took the 2nd place podium spot, finding himself on the podium after three years and Derek West took a 3rd place finish.

In the Modified Stock class, Jake Good and Scott Angell, Team Rubberbelly Racing, took 1st place knocking off two-time World Stock Champion and hometown favorite Kurt Shramovich.  David Wine continued his winning ways in the F-Toy class in the 2010 opener, continuing his 2009 season streak of winning all of last season’s events.

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John Stewart

Geo-Cache Roughneck Rendezvous Announced

On Saturday morning between 7-9 am, we will line up our vehicles, register (if you didn’t pre-register), download our waypoints, and begin our grand geocache scavenger hunt! At 9 am you will be released into the park armed with your coordinates and your GPS.

Your goal will be to find as many of the 100 strategically placed geocaches hidden within our park. In each cache you will find a special item that will be used to document your visit to the cache. You will also discover an interpretive message about the natural or cultural history of our park, or about responsible and sustainable geocaching and riding. We will not be able to make all 100 sites official caches on geocaching.com because we will be conducting this event for many years to come, and we would reach cache saturation in a very short amount of time. However, we will make a few of the caches permanent. And, don’t forget, you can always visit some of our pre-existing caches!

If you are the “First to Find” on a cache, you will have the opportunity to try and locate one of our bonus caches! These caches are tougher to get to, and even tougher to find once you reach their location. If you are successful, you will be richly rewarded with a special prize!

The scavenger hunt ends at 5 pm. Don’t forget to turn in your event booklet with your final cache count and receive your raffle tickets. For each “First to Find,” you will receive five (5) free raffle tickets; for each regular cache, you will receive one (1) raffle ticket; and, if you found your one (1) bonus cache, you can collect ten (10) free raffle tickets! There will be a 2-hour break from 5-7 pm which will give you the opportunity to grab dinner at one of our vendors booths (BBQ and Hot Dogs!) before the night’s events begin.

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