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Phil Hansford

My Pajero "Evolution" - Finding a Unicorn

My decision to begin a search for the rare and unique Pajero Evolution was fraught with peril. Being a limited production homologation model, with only 2500 ever produced, were there actually any parts that crossed over to the mass-market Pajero, beyond the obvious things like sheetmetal and glass? Beyond this pressing question, could I still find one in decent shape, 18 years on, that was ready for export? Finally, would I have to pay a king's ransom to actually ensnare the beast?

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John Stewart

SPECTECH Introduces Portable Magnetic Gun Rack

MAGnet Gun Caddy

SPECTECH, INC. Launches New Product for Hunters, The MAGnet Gun Caddy, a Smarter Way to Rest Your Gun

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) August 26, 2008 -- SpecTech, Inc., a Minnesota company that develops, manufactures and distributes products that make life easier, today announces the launch of the MAGnet Gun Caddy, along with the official website: www.magnetguncaddy.com. The product is a portable magnetic gun rack that provides a smarter way to temporarily rest an unloaded gun while protecting the hunter's vehicle. It is specifically designed for hunters preparing for, and returning from, the field. Small and light enough to fit in any pocket, the product can easily expand a gun locker holding capacity.

MAGnet Gun Caddy

Mr. Mike Kasbohm, CEO of SpecTech, Inc., is quoted as saying, "Our Company has a passionate respect for hunting and hunters. We sincerely appreciate that our customers are discovering how the MAGnet Gun Caddy enhances their hunting experience. Additionally, we are truly excited that we can offer our manufacturer and distributor partners a unique way to extend their brand with this product."

The company's manufacturer and distributor partners now have the opportunity to utilize the MAGnet Gun Caddy as a custom branded promotional item. SpecTech is currently in negotiations with hunting stores across the Midwest in keeping with its plan to further expand the availability of the product.

The Magnet Gun Caddy will be featured in the September issue of Shooting Industry Magazine. Additionally, the product will be highlighted on their new products section of their Website.

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John Stewart

All About Fasteners, Chapter Two - Nuts, Bolts, and Screws

SAE Inch Nut Size Chart ISO / DIN Metric Size Nut Chart

In this installment of our discussion about fasteners, we'll travel into the boring but equally as critical properties of nuts and washers. We'll show you the different types of nuts that are common to our assemblies and modifications.

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John Stewart

All About Fasteners, Chapter One - Nuts, Bolts, and Screws

This is the first in a series of articles regarding fasteners. Over the coming months we will discuss bolts, , nuts, washers, specialty fasteners and their applications.Typical Screw and Bolt Configurations

This month our discussion turns to bolts and screws. The purpose of this article is to provide a cursory overview of the common nomenclature, grades and classes, identification of both SAE Inch and ISO / DIN Metric bolts and screws and a short overview of screw threads.

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John Stewart

How to Add Ground Clearance to Your F-150

My F-150 4x4 has been a very sturdy and dependable vehicle.  After 108,000 miles, the suspension and shocks have lost their soft ride.  As I am not a big fan of the “nose-down” look, I am looking into options to increase ground clearance and level the truck.

Increasing ground clearance is a two step process, suspension and tires.  Increasing the ride height is a great way to add functionality and can be relatively simple to do with the right mods. In addition, the ride height increase will allow use of larger tires.

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