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John Stewart

On-Line Search Tool for Aftermarket Auto Parts

Car enthusiasts and novices alike can now find exactly the part they want with AutoPartsGOGO.com's new browsing service that allows the user to search in one of three areas: Premium, Popular, and Economy automotive parts.

Gardena, CA (PRWEB) July 7, 2009 -- AutoPartsGOGO.com, a leading online aftermarket automotive parts store, has introduced a unique browsing system that allows car novices and experts search for car parts quick and easily.

Most of previous online auto parts shopping sites are hard to browse and navigate to locate desired brands with reasonable pricing unless users are experienced like retailers or wholesalers.

That's why AutoPartsGOGO.com has been developing an easy browsing system for more than a year. The innovative search system allows for car enthusiast to search exclusively for "Premium" parts, the budget conscious to search for “Economy” parts, and any one to search for "Popular" parts. This allows even the most novice automotive user to easily search and find exactly what they are looking for.

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John Stewart

New Pressure Washers from Daimer Industries® with Wet-Sandblasting

Daimer Industries

New Super Max™ multi-mode sandblasting machines also offer heated cleaning for other applications.

Woburn, MA (PRWEB) August 17, 2009 -- Daimer Industries, Inc.®, a major supplier and worldwide exporter of commercial cleaning products, introduced two industrial pressure washers featuring wet sandblasting systems, the Super Max™ 12500 GE WS and 12500 PE WS. The new tri-mode, fuel-powered power washers can use cold-water for wet sandblasting situations and hot-water or steam for other applications

"These new commercial pressure washers are fuel-powered so they offer not only top performance, but maximum mobility," said Matthew Baratta, Daimer.com spokesman. "The machines are ideal for removing rust, corrosion and the toughest deposits, plus that offer heated cleaning for non-sandblasting applications."

Sandblasting Technology

The wet sandblasting features bundled with these power washers consists of a flexible 15-foot sand pickup tube, sand point and a venturi head, which creates a uniform blast pattern and increases the sand's velocity. The wet sandblasting systems can be used with a variety of sand grit sizes and different media, such as baking soda and small plastic pellets.

Because these wet sandblaster systems use high pressure washer, the machines are safer than units employing compressed air, which requires the user to wear special breathing apparatus.

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Retrofitting a Factory Toyota Elocker

The Toyota electric locker was an easy choice for me. I could pick one up for $400 used from a junkyard and make the controller for a few bucks. If the power is lost on the elocker, it will still be locked, and can be manually unlocked at any time.

In order to install the elocker, several modifications have to be made to the axle housing. These modifications are explained in great detail on several other websites, so I'm not going to go into great detail. Read these web pages and then continue reading this.


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Suspension install on 3rd gen 4Runner (96-02)

Front install:

My front setup includes OME 881 heavy duty coil springs, Cornfed 2" aluminum spacers, and Bilstein heavy duty shocks.

First thing you should do is spray all the bolts with some PB blaster. This stuff works wonders on stuck and rusted bolts. Just spray it and let it sit for a few minutes. Makes life easier.

Then raise the vehicle up and support it on jack stands. Make sure to lift it high enough that you can droop the lower a-arm assembly down far enough that it doesn't hit the ground. Then remove the wheels.

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IFS Driveshaft CV Modification for Increased Angle



The tools I used for this project are an angle grinder, a die grinder with a carbide burr, a small sledge hammer, a flat-head screwdriver, a sturdy vise, some small washers, and a small pick or piece of wire and a magnet in case I end up needing to fish out needle roller bearings.

If all you plan to do is get the joint apart to clearance it, the only u-joint caps you need to remove are the ones in the center section of the joint (which I'll call the "H" from here on out).

The basic method I use to remove u-joints is the same as used in this article. It's fast and effective. Reading the article will help you understand how I disassemble this CV joint.

1. Start by removing the grease zerks and c-clips from the u-joint caps you plan on taking out. Use a flat head screwdriver to dig into the grime and to pry and hammer the clips off.

2. Support the flange end of the CV on top of the jaws of the vise. Pound on the "H" with the sledge hammer. A few good whacks will bring the cap up.
Flip the joint over and do the same thing to the cap on the opposite side. Hold the joint at a certain angle to get the cap to be able to be pounded out as far as possible, however this still wont be far enough to get ahold of the caps to get them out.

3. At this point, you should be able to move the joint cross back and forth between the two caps. If any of the needle roller bearings have fallen out of place, use a pick or some wire and a magnet to get them all out. If you don't, they will be ruined when you try to pound the caps the rest of the way out, and then you will need a new u-joint. The same goes if you lose any of them, so be very careful if you plan to re-use the joint (Hint- pumping some new grease into the joints prior to disassembly may help keep the bearings in place).

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