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Access Groups File Appeal on Eldorado NF Travel Management Plan

Access Groups File Appeal on Eldorado NF Travel Management Plan

May 29, 2008

The BlueRibbon Coalition, along with numerous participating individual and organizational members, including (but not limited to) the California Enduro Riders Association, American Motorcyclists Association D36 and the California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, filed an administrative appeal of the Eldorado National Forest Public Wheeled Motorized Travel Management plan.

The Travel Plan closed over 1000 miles of existing roads and trails across the forest, and not just the so-called "user created" routes, but also roads and trails that had long been depicted as open to travel in previous Forest Service travel maps.

The appeal, filed on May 15, 2008, alleged the Forest Service violated numerous provisions of law and regulation including failing to formulate a reasonable range of alternatives, failing to provide adequate analysis to justify the massive closures, inadequate provision for dispersed camping/big game retrieval, and illegal application of the 2001 "Roadless Rule."

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SWAP MEET AND BIKINI RIG WASH! -- Hosted by the Nor-Cal Rock Zombies and Dynamic Detail

SWAP MEET AND BIKINI RIG WASH! -- Hosted by the Nor-Cal Rock Zombies and Dynamic Detail

Rocklin, CA: May 29th, 2008. The Rock Zombie's May 18th fundraiser was a huge success, raising over $2,000 for The Friends of Eldorado National Forest (FOE) and other land-use efforts. The Rock Zombie gals did the head-line car-wash, but their guys were there backing them up, assisting and managing the wash, and staffing a swap-meet and raffle. Together, they made a strong statement of awareness of the issues, and show a clear desire to keep public lands open to the public.

Dynamic Detail (www.dynamicdetailingonline.com) generously provided the site in Rocklin, and the following suds-fest and swap meet ran through 2pm, with vendors and land-use activists on hand to answer questions -- the day was crowned by a raffle with prizes donated from a variety of businesses including Fishmouth Fabworks and Contra Clothing.

Here are a few photos: http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/showthread.php?t6673627

There are more photos here, as well: http://www.myjeepspace.com/blog/view/id_1387/

The Rock Zombies work hard and play hard -- their motto is that "Rock Crawling is life... the rest is just details!!!!"

Founded in 2000, the ROCK ZOMBIES 4x4 Club has 16 active members from the greater Sacramento valley, centered around the Orangevale area. They are a regular presence on the Rubicon Trail, Fordyce Trail, and occasionally the Hammers in Johnson Valley. They are always looking to make new friends, party hard, wheel harder and lend a hand to all the organizations fighting to keep the trails open.

More information is available at www.rockzombies4x4.com.

Friends of Eldorado National Forest (FOE) works closely with the Eldorado National Forest to maintain our forest trails and campsites, ensuring continued access via motorized vehicles for all types of people to recreate in the forest, including campers, fisherman, hikers, horseback riders, hunters, bird watchers, miners and the like. There are more than 1,300 people added to the FOE Myspace page and 350 supporters registered on the mailing list, which is growing daily. With support from both the Forest Service, and the OHV community, FOE is growing in influence and effectiveness. FOE proves its effectiveness with work projects like the 2007 effort near North-South Road, logging more than 800 volunteer work-hours into their forest clearing miles of roadside brush, cleaning up abandoned automobiles, and removing appliances and scrap. More than just a light pick-up – winches and heavy trailers were required to load and haul off illegally dumped household garbage, furniture and construction debris.

FOE has also hosted ride-alongs to get Forest Service staff on the trail to experience responsible recreation in person, and become more familiar with the routes that provide motorized access to Eldorado National Forest. Our educational efforts extend to the public, as well, with letter-writing seminars and informational booths at CalROCS events, Rock-N-for-the-Kids Rockrace, Hangtown Extreme, Cal4Wheel headquarters, as well as at multiple members' homes and local club meetings. FOE is committed to maintaining and improving the relationship between forest users and forest managers, and helping to maintain and retain access to our Forest.

The mission of FOE is to actively maintain trails, campsites, and similar resources, support other organizations with similar goals, and to both educate forest users in responsible use of our National Forests -- and educate the public that the vast majority of OHV users DO care about our forest and are working to maintain it for future generations.

More information is available at www.friendsofeldorado.com or www.myspace.com/friendsofeldorado.

# # #

If you would like more information on this topic, or to schedule an interview with Kurt Schneider from The Friends of Eldorado, please call 925-596-0432 or e-mail Kurt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Drag Boat Festival Rescheduled for This Weekend At Red Bluff Recreation Area

Drag Boat Festival Rescheduled for This Weekend At Red Bluff Recreation Area

Willows, May 27, 2008 - The annual International Hot Boat Association Nitro Nationals Drag Boat Festival previously scheduled for the Memorial Day weekend at Lake Red Bluff in the Red Bluff Recreation Area was canceled due to unsafe winds on the water surface. The event is now rescheduled for Saturday and Sunday, May 31 and June 1.

Trail access and Sale Lane entry into the Red Bluff Recreation Area will be closed starting at 6:00 a.m. on Friday, May 30, through 6:00 p.m. on Monday, June 2.

During the event the Forest Service boat ramp below the Diversion Dam will remain open with an alternate access route through the event parking area. Sycamore Grove Campground will be open during the event and available to the public on a first come-first served basis.

The purpose for the closure is to provide for public safety, prevent theft and vandalism of facilities, vendor(s) equipment, and prevent access into the permit area during the event, said Paul Montgomery, Grindstone District Implementation Officer.

The Drag Boat Festival is an authorized event under a Special Use Permit issued by the Forest Service to New Entertainment Concepts. It has been a long standing event in Red Bluff and generates substantial revenue for the local community. Special Use fees from the event provide improvements for the Red Bluff Recreational Area, which is administered by the Mendocino National Forest.

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More Developments in the Yellowstone Courtrooms

More Developments in the Yellowstone Courtrooms

Date: 05/27/2008

Last month we provided you an update on the end of the winter season in Yellowstone and summarized the early posturing in the various challenges to the new winter use rule in federal courts in Washington DC and Wyoming. Rulings have since issued on some of those motions, making a new update appropriate.

You will recall that Park Service defendants had filed motions in both courts seeking to have the cases consolidated in one forum. The DC court denied the motion in an order filed April 24, 2008. The Wyoming court similarly denied the motion in an order filed May 14, 2008. As a result, it appears we will face the potential for conflicting decisions from the DC and Wyoming courts as occurred during the last round of litigation. Both courts emphasized the importance of honoring a plaintiff's choice of venue, with the Wyoming court making it clear it has no intent of relinquishing jurisdiction in stating: "[t]he D.C. Petitioners, largely environmental action groups, have tried to circumvent this Court's continuing jurisdiction by conveniently filing their action in a Court over 2000 miles away. By granting the Federal Respondents' motion to transfer, this Court would in effect be condoning this type of inappropriate litigation practice. Luckily, this Court knows blatant forum shopping when confronted with it. As the private and public factors heavily favor the Petitioners, the motion to transfer must be denied."

In an additional procedural matter, the Wyoming court, on May 23, 2008, granted a motion to compel production of further documents filed by the State of Wyoming. In producing the administrative record, the Park Service defendants withheld approximately 35 documents, claiming them to be protected by deliberative and/or attorney-client privilege. The State of Wyoming successfully argued that defendants must produce a "privilege log" identifying these documents so that the parties and the court can evaluate whether the privilege(s) are correctly asserted.

The schedules for briefing the merits are set, with the anti-access plaintiffs having filed their opening materials in DC on May 9, 2008. The defendants and defendant-intervenors are scheduled to respond on June 16, 2008. That is the same day that opening materials are due from the "petitioners" State of Wyoming et al. in the Wyoming court. Briefing will continue in all cases throughout the summer, with final argument on the motions in the DC court set for August 27, 2008, and in the Wyoming court for September 15, 2008.

In the context of administrative law, this practically qualifies as high drama. The International Snowmobile Association (ISMA), American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA), and the BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) will be actively involved in all of these cases and will be busy defending continued reasonable snowmobile access to the Parks.

For additional details and continuing updates, please visit our dedicated Yellowstone website at (www.saveyellowstonepark.com).


Jack Welch, Special Projects Consultant, BlueRibbon Coalition
- Phone: (303) 279-8436 or Cell (303) 324-7185
- Fax: (303) 279-8214
- Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- Webpage: http://www.sharetrails.org/staff/#JackW

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10 Important Tasks After Driving Off Road


1. Air up your tires. Don’t try to drive on pavement with your tires low on pressure. Not only will you have difficulty handling the vehicle, but you risk serious damage to tires and rims. Check your tire pressure the following morning. It can drop 2 to 5 PSI overnight. Remember that you aired up when the tires were hot.

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